National Sunday Law by Jan Marcussen

National Sunday Law by Jan Marcussen (sometime after Sep.11, 2001)

This book has an original copyright date of 1983, but when searching on the internet, i only find two versions – one starts with the Iraqi tanks “exploding” into Kuwait, so is obviously the Gulf War timeframe of 1991 or so. But the version on the official web site of Jan Marcussen starts with “The nation trembles. Passenger jets explode into buildings”, so obviously must be after September 11, 2001. This review will be of the updated, after-2001 version.

I remember reading this book back in the ’80s while still living in America. If my memory serves me right, the basic truths of the day of worship being changed by the Catholic Church from the 7th day to the 1st day were presented, all of which i am in agreement. However, the hysterical tone, and the very poor writing style and grammar made me cringe. Perhaps some people will have the scales fall off from their eyes thru reading this book, but many more may reject the entire Three Angels’ Messages because the manner in which they were presented was so un-Christlike – meaning in the sense of poor quality and questionable reasoning. But i will read it again today (2009-05-25) to see if my previous impression was correct or not, or see if perhaps the book has been modified to produce a different impression.

Hmmm, the word “shock” is used 25 times. This isn’t a good omen, even before i start reading the book. “Will terrorism, like some giant octopus engulf the world?” Ut-oh, in just the second paragraph we already have “National Enquirer” type language being used. The phrase “take a shocking glimpse” is seen twice on my computer screen, and i’ve only scrolled once… “What John sees protends events ” Oh no, it looks to be the same or worse now….. What in the world is “protends”? Even if he means “portends”, the usage is incorrect. He writes that those dying from AIDS are “in ever greater numbers”, but in America, which is the focus for his book, the numbers for death from AIDS are less than half now than in the early 1990s.

“Crime doubles every ten years”. This is just hogwash. A 10-second search on the internet will show this to be false. viort.htm “Since 1994 violent crime rates have declined, reaching the lowest level ever in 2005.”

He says “The country is broke”. Please tell that to all our creditors. This is just not true. It may become true very soon tho if we keep borrowing like there is no tomorrow. He quotes a Jesuit priest as saying “‘Americun Constitushun”, but there is no reference given, and a search on the internet only reveals this phrase as being used in this very book! “It is the responsibility of government to decree the establishment of the national observance of Sunday”. He quotes someone, but again, there is no reference given. Who is saying this? If “nation-wide papers” and “media plea to the masses” for this, it should be all over the internet. But again, as before, the only results displayed are the ones pointing to this book.

By now, any reader who is truly searching for truth will see that there are falsehoods being passed off here as truth.

“and get this”, this type of prose is low-class. “Let’s take a close look at this thing” sigh….

He is not correct in saying in many places “God loves all”, as the Bible clearly shows that God hates some people (Psalms 5:5-6 for example).

“Those who are keeping Sunday and breaking God’s fourth commandment ignorantly are not under condemnation. It’s only those who know what God commands and willfully disobey who are committing sin.”. So if we are all ignorant in everything, we can all go to heaven? He says that by starting to keep the Sabbath: “You know that now you’re not violating any of His loving commands”. Well, no. We may be breaking God’s commands in other areas…

“Obedience becomes a joy when you’re walking with Jesus!” – Amen 🙂

In talking about the ceremonial law he writes: “All of this pointed forward to the death of the Saviour on the cross and is of no value to us now.” But, if this is true, then the Millerites never would have been able to calculate the correct date for Jesus to go into the Most Holy Place – October 22, 1844, which was the Day of Atonement according to the Karaite Calendar.

“That’s heavy!” Ouch, 1970s’ funkadelic language. Same with “Man!” used as an interjection….

“eternal despair” There will be “eternal” joy for the redeemed, but no “eternal” despair for the lost. They will be burned up, and that is the end of them, forever.

“The Holy Spirit places the seal of God in our foreheads when we choose it.” But the Bible says that the seal is given only to those who are IN Jerusalem, and “sigh and cry over all the abominations that are done in it” (Ezekiel 9:4).

“To say it plainly, Revelation 13 is revealing to us the astonishing fact that Protestant America will cause all to worship the Papacy and receive its “mark” by passing a national Sunday law, and that all who do not go along with it will suffer the consequences!” This is all very, very true.

“Get this shocking quote”. No comment.

“Identification cards, numbers – something like this will allow the followers of the Sunday law to buy and sell.” Well, i believe this too, that there will be some outward identification of those who have the mark of the beast (probably biometrics), but this is not standard Seventh-day Adventist theology. But it is good to see a move in recognizing the physical aspects of the mark of the beast.

“Though they’ll be sentenced to death, God’s people will not die.” This is true in the time frame it is written in, after the close of probation, but without talking about martyrs earlier, it sounds like none of those who decide to follow the true Sabbath will ever be martyred which is not true. The same for this quote: “Miracles will abound, like in Moses day; some from God, some from Satan.”

All in all, the book gets across a very, very important message in a manner that while it has some errors and mistakes, and is likely to disgust those with a high-level education (probably around 40% of the population), can be used by God to reach a certain class of people who may not be reached otherwise. While i cannot recommend the book for the above reasons, it doesn’t seem to be in the same class as crazy “conspiracy” theory books being circulated among many of us Seventh-day Adventists today.

May we all be searching our hearts and Bibles to be ready for what is coming on the world like an overwhelming surprise.

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  1. I hope Jan has read your comments and taken to heart the appropriate critique making the changes so that this booklet can be shared with all levels of people.

  2. I think since you lds’s have so much extra money$ to send out anonymous brochures via snail-mail ie: National Sunday Law by Jan Marcussen and preach fear to the masses and religious fanantical garbage, you should be taxed like all other American citizens.

    The Non-profit crap does not hold water and you can not walk on it either! Keep to taking care of your own or pay taxes like everyone else. I’m on to the false truths you preach to weak souls. Smith was no son of any god and Jesus would die again if he knew the lies you people spread in his name!!!!

  3. Why does Jan Marcussen have such hatred for the catholics? It is a sin to be judgemental. Relating 666 and satin to the papacy is ridiculous. Satin loves lust so howcome he was not instrumental in changing the rules to allow priests and nuns to marry?
    Any idea how many faithful servants the catholic church has produced? Guess it would total the whole population of you SDA’s. And I’m talkin saints of poverty still doing gods work. 50,000 dollars and a milion offered. Use that money to help the needy sir instead of gloating your faith.
    You may have a point with your sabbath day and idol worship but to link it to satin is idiotic. If you are a true christian you should learn to help not hurt.
    Tell Jan Marcussen to try being a mother Treasa or a Mary Mcallop instead of preaching such free hatred. Is he a christian or another lost soul found by satin?

  4. Please do not look how the book has been written, its grammar,spelling etc.People present messages in diverse styles.Focus on what he is telling and that is serious.Your comments show that the book has had no positive effect on you.It is sad.

  5. I’m reading the book now: November of 2011. It is intriguing. I too noticed the simple style of writing but maybe it will be easy reading for many who are intimidated by the Bible. I have no criticism for the author. Having read the book of Revelations before; I appreciate common language to say just what I inferred to begin with. What difference do the words make if the message is delivered? I like the book and I am not offended by language not refined to meet my own intellect. Some things are best delivered in the simplest form.

  6. vejoan, It isn’t the simple style of writing that is the problem. Jesus gave a wonderful example of speaking simply at times, and the simple people accepted him more readily than the educated people did.
    The problem is with the slangy wording, the overall poor editing/proofreading, and the few outright errors/conspiracy theories in this book. I don’t see where Jesus used “shocking”, or “that’s heavy” at all. Most Bibles and Ellen White books i read have few or no proofreading/editing errors either.
    Because of these errors and low-class (not “simple”) usage of words, i’m concerned that some honest-in-heart souls will perish eternally.
    Let’s do the best with everything we put our hand to.

  7. Well charles maybe because you are a catholic member that’s why you are opposing Jan, for me i will say he has done nothing wrong he only gave us the history of how sunday worship came into Christianity and who and what church brought it. it is also true that there are real men of God in that church but i tell many are ignorant of this fact, though God still out of grace speaks to them, do you know that many have left catholic after realizing the truth and had testimonies? I think you should not oppose him, even if he has any hatred for catholic because of their history is his business but the fact remains by the Grace of God, God has used him to open the eyes of many.

  8. Kenneth Green

    About 13 years ago Jan sent me his complete video series. what title would I find where he speaks of the Pathfinder Organization as being contrary to the mission of SDA church?

  9. I want copyrights for the book National Sunday law. I wish to translate it into Shona. Please advise

  10. Elisha, I advise you NOT to translate this National Sunday Law book into the Shona language. Why translate truth mixed with error, when you can translate all truth – the original, 1858 edition of The Great Controversy? If you wish to translate this 1858gc book, please let me know.

  11. Thank you Pastor Jan God use you to open our eyes. The world are following their own traditions rather than obey God’s commandment (Matthew)

  12. Prince Gyewu Baffour

    This book has made know soo many things i first do not know and has let me know much in the Holy Bible,infact this book is a true revelation from the Yahweh.God bless Pastor Jan Marcussen

  13. Prince, If you are looking for a solidly God-inspired book that can teach you many things, after the Bible, I recommend the 1858 edition of The Great Controversy Between Christ and His Angels, and Satan and His Angels. You can read it free on

  14. Thanks for the word perfect early “Great Contraversy” sent the URL to a friend that seems to have a problem with the 1st resurection and the mistake of early rapture. Told him to read chapter 37 putting it with 1Thessalonians 4:13-18.

  15. Help me communicte with pastor Jan. I translated his book into Shona, a majority vernacular spoken in this country & parts of Mozambique & would want him to grant me copyrights so that I get it published. As a God-fearing man I dont want to do anything that would incriminate me hence my need to get authirity from him to get his book published in my local vernacular

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