ernie knoll’s dreams

The following is regarding dreams of Ernie Knoll. Ernie Knoll is a life-long Seventh-day Adventist, an elder in the church, and has been having dreams. Some say the dreams are from God, some say from the Devil.

This is my take on the situation, after reading what one man on the internet said in favor of the dreams, and what Pastor Steve Wohlberg and Eugene Prewitt have said against the dreams.

Please note, I have NOT read any of the dreams. So all i know about this, is what has been quoted by others. I don’t know why, but somehow i’m not moved to go and read the dreams for myself. Perhaps in this way, i can be more of a neutral "judge". What i have written is in black, Steve Wohlberg’s quotes are in blue, and Eugene Prewitt’s are in green. What Ernie Knoll wrote is within quotes and purple. (i do hope he has been quoted correctly).

In the dreams, an angel is usually present who identifies himself as "the Herald".

From Steve Wohlberg’s observations:
He also states that some have counseled him to test the Herald with 1 John 4:3. Ernie wrote:
"Knowing that an angel of Satan can only answer that Jesus did not come in the flesh, if the Herald stated this, it would prove that he is an agent of Satan and is trying to deceive many. However, if the Herald answered that Jesus did come in the flesh, then that would mean I am not being deceived."

How do we know for certain that Satan’s angels cannot make such a confession? And even if the Herald does make a true confession, does this really “prove” that he is of God and that Ernie has not been deceived?

Ernie Knoll is also quoted as writing:"I watched as it was decided that Jesus would come to Earth as a created Being." This is a problem, as Jesus is never said to be "created" in inspired writings.

Amen, Pastor. This is a yellow flag for sure.

…the Herald then begins to rebuke those who have opposed his "messages":
"The Herald now steps back and walks to the middle of the room. He holds out the three glass tablets as one tablet and says, “This is a message for all who will accept and be willing to hear.” The tablet says, “Let he that rides dismount and prostrate before the Lord of hosts, the Creator of the universe, He who came to be the created. Bow before your Master and confess your sins so all will hear of your rebellion. A message was sent to a chosen messenger and you denied your Lord’s ear and convinced others to turn away."
All the above seem to me to be legitimate concerns about whether or not the dreams are from God. However, Pastor Wohlberg also raises questions about the source of the dreams by panning remarks that directly rebuke him, which is NOT any reason at all to reject the dreams.

He disparages the source of the dreams because they talk against Ethel Price and Ed Reid, both of whom Steve Wohlberg respects, especially Ed Reid. Pastor, have you never read of what Ellen White wrote about George Butler and Uriah Smith? These were high-up leaders in the SDA church, much higher and much more revered by the lay members than any of you three, yet the Holy Spirit gave scathing rebukes, pointing out their open and secret sins.

Pastor Steve also tries to make a point that the Herald declares that "you must acknowledge these messages are of God" by saying: "According to this statement, it is not enough for us to acknowledge the truth that is in the Bible and SOP". This is not a reason to reject the messages pastor. Can’t you hear the Sunday keepers saying the same thing about Ellen White?

Pastor Wohlberg writes on:
"Here the Herald declares that those who oppose the dreams should "confess" their "sins so all will hear of your rebellion"! Here there is absolutely no recognition whatsoever of the true motivation of many who are opposing the dreams. The Herald simply states, "sins" and "rebellion." When I first read this, the Spirit of Truth only deepened my conviction that the Herald is a deceiver, and not an angel sent from the One who died for my sins. Let me speak for myself (as I am apparently one of the "three" people specifically rebuked in this dream), what has motivated me is not "sins" and "rebellion," but a sincere desire to follow God’s counsel and to watch out for demonic deceptions (see Mat. 24:4; 2 Cor. 11:14, etc). The real Jesus Christ knows both the truth and my heart; yet in this case, the Herald totally missed it."

Pastor, you sound pretty close to those that opposed Isaiah and Jeremiah. Be careful.

The Herald says:
"Kneel, confess your sins lest the streams and rivers dry up and the horse that drinks die, lest you walk the face of the earth and every ear turn away from you as the words you speak fall like rocks from your mouth. Repent lest the Lord God spew you out of His mouth as boiling seawater."

The Pastor gets very offended at this, writing "As for me, the only conviction the Herald’s wild rebuke brings is a deeper conviction that he is a demon."

Well, Pastor, you certainly would have called Jeremiah and Ellen White demons then, because they rebuked even more "wildly" as you put it. You are on very, very dangerous ground here by your words.
Now i would like to turn to what Eugene Prewitt wrote, and analyze it.

Ernie claims inspiration, not only for the dreams, but even for the way the website is designed. Quoting from one of the dreams:
"What Becky and I are doing with the ministry is exactly as He has planned. There is no error in anything we have done. These are messages that He has sent to His people. He is the author and inspiration of not only the dreams, but also the correspondence and the website. The 4 His People Ministry is very important."

This phrase, "no error in anything we have done" seems contrary to the spirit and tone of all that is written in the writings of apostles and prophets.

Yes, this is a very good point to keep in mind.

"As for me not having a broad understanding of the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy, the Herald says that I have a broader understanding than I might know . . . . The angel says that the Great Teacher has many ways of teaching other than what one can read in what He has written."

This key point – that men ought to seek direction and answers through scripture rather than through angels and impressions and dreams – seems to be most vital.

Point well taken, Brother. This, to me, is the 2nd most serious problem with these dreams. If they are being quoted correctly, it is very bad to not point people "to the law and testimony". This is a bright yellow flag.

"There are many towns and cities that are not destroyed. I ask the Herald if I may tell which cities. He answers, "No, that is not permitted." He explains that each must learn the guidance of the Holy Spirit concerning where God would have them live."

It sounds like the same innuendo found in the vision of the ascending birds. There one bird in 800 make it. Escaping the valley is an illustration of salvation in the bird dream. I am not confident that the ratio, 1 in 800, is a poor one. But there the one bird that makes it is the one that flies straight up. What about the birds that pause to do diligent study? They are pictured also. It is not clear what "ancient" writings they are studying. But one thing is clear. The careful students don’t make it. "I watch as others stop to discuss the ancient books of the best ways to fly. They get out charts to plot and study the wind currents and try to figure out what is the best way to ascend."

This is sounding suspiciously close to "Don’t study the Bible". Yellow flag again!

Another point that strikes me with force relates to one of the most crucial issues in our church today. The question is the nature of inspiration.

Yes, Brother, we ourselves have had email exchanges on this issue, and you are definitely in the camp of "the words are not from God, only the ideas". This is a very big error, Brother, please repent and teach the straight truth.

It (the round of my solemn concern) is, rather, the statement he makes about the wonderful little book Creeping Compromise.
"I see Jesus kneeling on one knee next to him. He is telling him what to write. The angel says, "He is writing Creeping Compromise. This is what ‘those which are they’ should be. This instruction is needed to perfect the character of those striving to be one of the 144,000. . . . [Crews’] book, inspired by Jesus, is a foundation of what to do."

What caught my attention immediately was the diluting of the significance of the Testimonies by claiming for Joe Crews the same quality of inspiration granted to Ellen White. Does the reader realize that this was the argument used by many in the South Pacific who claimed to believe in Ellen White’s "inspiration."

Yes, Brother, this is very, very big, almost a red flag for me. This is the biggest problem with the whole dream thing of Ernie Knoll that i have come across. Ellen White could say of her husband that she had never considered even HIM to be inspired. There is something so special about being "inspired", that we just don’t understand yet. Yes, a pastor or teacher or lay member even can be inspired by the Holy Spirit to do or say something, but it is not at all in the same league as "being inspired". "Being inspired", from my study of the inspired writings, means to be so infused with the Spirit of God, that the actual words you write or say are exactly coming from God. Yes, i know, this is a minority view even in Adventism today, as our "higher critics" have determined that there are "small errors in the Bible, but they aren’t important for our salvation". I will never, ever, ever believe that, so help me God.
Now for some observations by Brother Prewitt that are not correct:
He quotes a dream of Ernie’s, where he says he saw a black panther, and because there are no obvious symbolic meanings to the description of the panther, brushes it off. This is not good, Brother. Messages from God don’t have to conform to what you say they should be like.

Do angels in dreams from God have to have no interaction in a human-like way Brother? I mean, just because the angels in Soo’s dreams waved to her, should that be a cause for concern? I do admit tho, that to have jesting is not at all something angels do. You WILL find tho, word-pun jokes and things to make you laugh in Ellen White’s writings, and even in the Bible itself.

"That God would permit Ernie, in a dream, to talk to them; that God would model how to identify false angels in such a way as to make it easy for Satan to take advantage, is unthinkable." Brother, i think you have forgotten to refer to the Bible here, and to the instances when the prophets and even Jesus himself listened to and actually talked with Satan and his angels.

Brother Prewitt seems to see a problem with angels holding a white robe for the martyrs, but makes no logical explanation from the Bible why that should be a problem, as the passage of Ernie’s dream that he quotes mentions nothing about the angels GIVING these robes to the martyrs.

Then Brother Prewitt comes to the most talked-about point in these dreams – the tithe issue. "Ernie’s most violent opposition has come over the statements he has made regarding tithe. The contrast between Ernie’s Herald and the Testimony of Jesus is notable."

Not so fast. What Ernie says here is exactly true. Does he tell people to stop paying their tithe? Not at all. Just that we should not pay to someone who is known to be misusing it. One other point of contention is that the Herald basically says that the General Conference of SDAs is not God’s storehouse anymore. Hmmmm, i figured that out over 25 years ago. When our leaders give medals to popes and purchase stock in hamburger chains and use tithe money to do shady business deals and even pay lawyers to protect the trademarked name – how can anyone still, in a good conscience, give them one cent? Let’s pay our tithes directly to the pastors and Bible workers who are on the front-lines doing the work of God. The Three Angels’ Messages would definitely go much faster if millions of dollars weren’t being used to beautify buildings that are getting ready to be burned anyway! If anyone doesn’t understand this point yet, think about Luther and Tetzel. Before Luther spoke out, the common people did not understand they were supporting a terribly corrupt Roman Catholic Church. But after Luther and others zealously pointed out their errors, did they continue to do that? No, they stopped supporting corruption with their monies entrusted from God.

His conclusion of the inspiration of the dreams is:
"First, Ernie has gone far too far to be evaluated as a confused dreamer – someone that has common dreams and
mistakes them for divine pictures. His two-way conversations and the reactionary nature of the dreams brand
him as one of three: Either a true prophet, or one in communion with evil spirits, or one hired to confuse the workers with outright lies."
The "true prophet" option is outright rejected by Brother Prewitt.
My conclusion of the whole matter?
I believe the jury is still out on the inspiration of the dreams. There are several yellow cards, and one of them nearly red. (in case you are wondering, yellow=caution, and red=stop). If Joe Crews was inspired, then perhaps someone else and someone else and someone else is too. No, that’s not right at all. But the main reason that many are rejecting these dreams – the tithing issue – is being looked at incorrectly by most all. No matter what people think, it IS true that we are responsible for what happens where we pay our tithe to.

Dear Jesus, please may we be able to discern the spirits correctly. May we dig deeper and deeper into your inspired words in the Bible and writings of Ellen White. We so much DO want you to pour out your spirit on old and young, and give dreams and visions as you’ve promised you will do in the end time. Please Lord, may we not be swift to either run into fanaticism, or to reject messages from you. Please watch over your Little Flock. Amen.

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  1. “No matter what people think, it IS true that we are responsible for what happens where we pay our tithe to.” Some times I think it easier for you to have strong convictions and to follow them because who are single and living in a relatively unstricted way. I am married and living in an Adventist institution. I do believe my range of choice is more limited than yours. God bless. I continue to pray for your ministry.

  2. We are counselled to stay single if we can, because then we can serve God more fully.
    But the conditions for salvation are the same for all of us, single or married, rich or poor, slave or free, living on the road or living in an Adventist institution 🙂

  3. Sorry Ernie, I’ve seen you on youtube and you seem like a nice guy, but that description of the crown on the mantelpiece was one detail too many for me.
    My verdict: Not of God!

  4. After reading ernies dreamsi said would this person who is a dedicated S.D.A go through all the trouble to go to so many places to tell what he heard and saw in his dreams if there wasnt some truth to it.Ernie i was impressed by you and your wife giving this testomony to the world.Satan comes in all forms to decieve but keep praying and believing im sure if these dreams came from God so you can warn of the coming messiah and we should be prepaired he will sure come to you again and say Earnie these dreams are from hel give you a sign.If its from the devil he will give you a sign and take take those dreams away.He is a loving god and we have to leave ourthoughts and dreams in his hand.Earnie i admiire you and i pray that you are right God richly bless you and your family

  5. The blackbirds was the one that got me. Why did he use blackbirds? Why not sparrows or pigeons or some oher bird mentioned in the Bible. In my past I was an avid reader of the medievel fantasy genre such as Lord of the Rings, that type of book. In every last one of them, blackbirds are spies for whatever evil person/demon/god is in control; they are his agents. The description of the blackbirds brought (quite vividly) to my mind a scene in one of Robert Jordon’s “Wheel of Time” series. It was described almost exactly the same. I had other doubts but that was one of the biggest ones.

  6. Ernie has admitted to deceit. This is from his website:

    The 4 His People Ministry Board learned of some very disturbing information the week of July 15. This information has led us
    to believe that though the dreams appear to be of a supernatural source, we now believe that this source was of Satan.

    Along with the meetings being cancelled and no future meetings authorized by the board, please know that Ernie and
    Becky Knoll are suspended from any activity related to the 4 His People Ministry.

    Please cease contributing funds to this ministry.

    For those of you who read the testimony and/or received emails from someone going by the name of “Candace”, we were able to
    determine through tracking email IP information, that Ernie Knoll is “Candace”. When pressed, he admitted to this on July 21
    at 2:43pm in a phone call to two ministry board members. We have also determined that the “Great Commission Counsel”
    is also Ernie Knoll.

    We urge everyone who has a “dream book” to throw it away, as we now understand that there are mind control elements in it.

    We sincerely apologize to all who have read and believed these messages. We pray that those whose lives have been affected,
    including those of us on this ministry team and our families, will find closure. Thankfully, we have a loving Savior in Jesus Christ
    who is willing to forgive all who come to Him with sincere repentance.

    While we have concerns about some of the arguments and statements made by those who openly opposed the dreams, we apologize
    to you specifically. We may at some time in the future ask that you consider the unscriptural positions taken, but it is clearly
    not appropriate at this time.

    Please know that all of us involved in this ministry, only ever wanted to serve in the cause of Christ, to win souls for the kingdom.
    It is our prayer that those who have returned to Jesus, as a result of these messages, will not cast Him aside. While we cannot trust
    in man’s opinions, we can trust Jesus. Always look to Jesus for light and strength. May He find us ready, when He returns.

    4 His People Ministry Board

  7. This is what is on Ernie Knoll’s web site right now:

    The 4 His People Ministry Board learned of some very disturbing information the week of July 15. This information has led us
    to believe that though the dreams appear to be of a supernatural source, we now believe that this source was of Satan.

    Along with the meetings being cancelled and no future meetings authorized by the board, please know that Ernie and
    Becky Knoll are suspended from any activity related to the 4 His People Ministry.

    Please cease contributing funds to this ministry.

    For those of you who read the testimony and/or received emails from someone going by the name of “Candace”, we were able to
    determine through tracking email IP information, that Ernie Knoll is “Candace”. When pressed, he admitted to this on July 21
    at 2:43pm in a phone call to two ministry board members. We have also determined that the “Great Commission Counsel”
    is also Ernie Knoll.

    We sincerely apologize to all who have read and believed these messages. We pray that those whose lives have been affected,
    including those of us on this ministry team and our families, will find closure. Thankfully, we have a loving Savior in Jesus Christ
    who is willing to forgive all who come to Him with sincere repentance.

    While we have concerns about some of the arguments and statements made by those who openly opposed the dreams, we apologize
    to you specifically. We may at some time in the future ask that you consider the unscriptural positions taken, but it is clearly
    not appropriate at this time.

    Please know that all of us involved in this ministry, only ever wanted to serve in the cause of Christ, to win souls for the kingdom.
    It is our prayer that those who have returned to Jesus, as a result of these messages, will not cast Him aside. While we cannot trust
    in man’s opinions, we can trust Jesus. Always look to Jesus for light and strength. May He find us ready, when He returns.

    4 His People Ministry Board

    Come, and let us return unto the LORD: for he hath torn, and he will heal us; he hath smitten, and he will bind us up. Hosea 6:1

  8. Well in case you have not heard Ernie and been found to be fake and that he made some of the things up but it’s still not clear if he made up the dreams.

  9. Ernie has been proven an agent of Evil. The dreams were from Satan and not God. Those yellow cards are all red! This deception is now over… FINALLY!

  10. If you are a Bible believing Seventh-day Adventist, and believe the writings of Ellen White are the “lesser light” that lead to the “greater light” and we’re told by Ellen White that Satan cannot read our thoughts, how is he going to give dreams to an individual? Please don’t respond with suppositions. If you don’t have a valid answer by the Scriptures and the writings of Ellen White, keep quite. If you do have a valid answer by the Scriptures and the writings of Ellen White, then speak up, but make sure you know what you are talking about. I’ve watched people guess and guess and guess and suppose and suppose and suppose, etc. throughout the years. I have yet to have anyone answer some of my questions that I’ve posed to them about certain things. I’m not a Seventh-day Adventist to wander around and get into a guessing game, or misapply Scripture or Ellen White’s writings. I’ve seen enough of this throughout my nearly 70 years of life.

    If you want to take to task writings supposed to be true or false, then you should take to task the writings of Ellen White. There’s more to show that Ellen White is a false prophet than there is to show Ernie’s writings are false. Using the Old Testament test of a prophet, Ellen White definitely fails here. If you want my answer, I’ll e-mail it to you. My e-mail address is below. I’ll e-mail an answer to you on one condition, and that is that you do not let it destroy your confidence in Ellen White’s writings. I’ve seen rejection of her writings on websites of those who have either never accepted her as a “messenger” of the Lord, or by some who have once walked with us, and then found “picky” points to show she is wrong. Younger people are especially susceptible to find error with her writings because of their lack of experience in the Scriptures and the writings of Ellen White. That’s not true of all younger people, because we have also found men and women of long-time experience in the Seventh-day Adventist Church rejecting what God has given to the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the gift of prophecy through the writings of Ellen White.

    Feel free to e-mail me at if you have any real understanding of what I’ve mentioned in the 1st paragraph above. I’m interested in what the Scriptures and the writings of Ellen White say.

    Let God be glorified in all that we do.


  11. How does Satan give dreams? I don’t know. I don’t even know how God does.
    “you should take to task the writings of Ellen White”
    Are you saying you believe she is a false prophet?

  12. Daniel,

    Thank-you for the comment regarding Ernie and the dreams, and the Ellen White quote I mentioned above.

    I have not intended to make this so long, but I felt in line with your questions, that I should be a bit more lengthy.

    As far as how God gives dreams, I do not know. I just know that the Bible teaches this and I believe that when Ellen White says she had dreams and puts them in her writings that she is telling the truth. I believe the same for Ernie Knoll – that his dreams are from God. Ellen White says that, “God does not propose to remove all occasion for unbelief. He gives evidence, which must be carefully investigated with a humble mind and teachable spirit. All should decide from the weight of evidence.” {RH, September 16, 1873 par. 10} So it is the weight of evidence upon which we base our faith in God and all the things relating to Him.

    How Satan gives dreams, I do not know.

    Apparently he can counterfeit giving people dreams. Out of Body Experiences (OBE’s) are not from God, so the other source in this world we have for that is Satan. And Ellen White confirms this when she says, “The multitude of dreams arise from the common things of life, with which the Spirit of God has nothing to do. There are also false dreams, as well as false visions, which are inspired by the spirit of Satan. But dreams from the Lord are classed in the word of God with visions and are as truly the fruits of the spirit of prophecy as visions. Such dreams, taking into the account the persons who have them and the circumstances under which they are given, contain their own proofs of their genuineness.”{1T 569.2}.

    You might go to the following website and direct this question to a Pete Warda. I think he’s better qualified than myself to answer this question. In fact, some of his comments are already posted on that website and may already answer that question for you.

    Regarding Ellen White:

    I’m sorry if I mislead you to think that I don’t believe in the prophetic ministry of Ellen White. Ever since I was a boy, probably in late grade school or sometime in academy, I have become to believe in her visions and dreams as divinely inspired. In fact, when I was the president of my 8th grade class in Tucson, Arizona in 1955 (the 4 other member of the class outvoted me – primarily because none of them wanted it. I was the default president and had to give the 8th grade class address at commencement.) I quoted early on in my speech a passage by her. It’s the quote in Education, page 271.2 that goes like this, “With such an army of workers as our youth, rightly trained, might furnish, how soon the message of a crucified, risen, and soon-coming Saviour might be carried to the whole world!” My confidence in her writings has only increased over the 68 plus years of my life. I’m saddened by some of those who have left the church over thinking the writings of Ellen White to be false based upon certain things. The overwhelming weight of evidence is in favor of her writings definitely being divinely inspired by the Spirit of the Living God. Even some of those not of our faith have seen that they are above the normal writings of common men and women.

    I was referring to a quote by her in which she said that certain people in a room would live to the 2nd coming of Jesus “without seeing death”. The reference on that is Volume 2 of Spiritual Gifts, page 208, paragraph 2. While some have said this is a conditional prophecy, and I can understand their thinking on this, I’m not sure this is true. Whether it is conditional or not, whether I understand this quote or not, I base my confidence in the writings of Ellen White upon the “weight of evidence”, not upon 1 statement that may be to me apparently a false statement. I’m not going to leave what I have for years believed as truth because there is one small thing that I may not understand. It wouldn’t be the first time I didn’t understand something.

    I said what I said in my comments that you responded to because some have said that Ernie Knoll’s dreams are not from God, but from Satan. I was just pointing out that if people are going to say that the dreams of Ernie Knoll are false, those within the Seventh-day Adventist Church who accept the writings of Ellen White as true, then they “should take to task the writings of Ellen White. There’s more to show that Ellen White is a false prophet than there is to show Ernie’s writings are false.” I was referring to this statement in 2SG 208.2. In other words, if the believers in Ellen White are going to throw out the dreams of Ernie Knoll, then they will also have to throw out the writings of Ellen White because she made a prediction over 150 years ago that, unless at least 2 people in that room are still living today and will live to see the 2nd coming of Jesus, and I haven’t heard of any still living today who were in that room when Ellen White made that statement, then that prophecy is false. Thus, according to the Old Testament criteria for the establishment of a true prophet, she would fail. That statement used to bother me until I began to realize that it is the “weight of evidence”, not ever detail that determined the authenticity of the prophet. I know there will be those who disagree with me, who say that Ellen White is also a false prophet, but there’s too much evidence in favor of her being a genuine messenger of the God of Heaven.

    Study the Scriptures. Read Ellen White’s writings to see if they conform to the writings of the Scriptures. Pray and ask God for understanding to know that these are God messages for His people in these last days.

    With a 3rd grade education, continuing bad health throughout her life because of an accident early in her young life, she actually wrote on the Masters level, according to a brother-in-law of mine who was an English teacher in high school and then at the college level for many, many years from the 1950’s into the 1980’s, and who also had PhD in that field, as well as having written a book on grammar. It takes time to get used to her writing because it is far advanced in it’s style and form.

    I don’t know if you have ever heard of the story of Rabbi Joe Kagan. You can read this amazing story at the following website He read her writings and then asked where she learned Hebrew. She didn’t know Hebrew, but her writings, according to what Rabbi Kagan, said is that “you have to know Hebrew to be able to write like this because her sentence structure is not English, it’s Hebrew. The rhythm, the meter, the arrangement of words and expressions are not English. He said it’s as if she wrote in Hebrew and it was translated into English.” Who knows what God can do with the human dedicated to Him and His cause.

    God bless you.


  13. Chuck,

    You will have to determine what you believe about the dreams – whether you believe they are fake or not. Have you read them all? I have read them all, listened to them all, and at the time I became acquainted with them in late January 2008, I studied them to see if they were truth. After I studied them for a while, like a number of others who had studied them, I became convinced they are true dreams from the God of Heaven. At that time I was able to contact Ernie so I called him with some questions that arose in my mind. He answered them all satisfactorily.

    Someone questioned whether these were fabricated stories that he made up much like a writer would do. A person close to Ernie commented in an e-mail that Ernie wasn’t capable of making up all those things in the dreams as they are. The little bit I have known of Ernie, and I have met him twice and gone to 2 of his weekend meetings, as well as having talked with him over the phone several times, and my own personal observation is that I seriously doubt that Ernie could put together those dreams with their content as is in them, in the sequence in which they are given, as completely as their content indicates.

    I did talk with his wife yesterday by phone. My activities were out of sync with talking with him at the time I called. He was out when I called. She indicated to me that the dreams themselves are real. They are not made up. She told me that after what had happened a couple of weeks ago, that his spiritual experience has taken great strides. He did come clean over the Candace and Great Commission Counsel people and stories that he made up, and has sought forgiveness from all those who he deceived. By the way, it looks like he just decided to concoct that story, but that just isn’t true. I was told by a friend who had talked with Ernie last week, that the impression came very strong on him that he should do this, and this would be like a parable. Obviously this impression was not from God, but from Satan. His wife in commenting on this told me that this kept bothering him, but apparently thinking this was as a parable, which we all took as a reality, he kept letting it go thinking it was OK. Hindsight now, we can see how Satan came in and confused the issue.

    His wife said that since that time in mid-July when the ministry closed up, they have been very sincerely praying day after day to God in Heaven that if these dreams are of Satan that they wanted them stopped. They didn’t want to be deceived by Satan, or to deceive anyone else. Instead, he has continued receiving dreams.

    What would you or I do if we’d been praying very sincerely, pleading with God to stop the dreams if they are not from Him, and instead they continued? What conclusion would you, would I come to as to the source of the dreams? We need to walk for sometime in the moccasins of the other person before we make any judgment against them. You’re question didn’t indicate that you were doing this. You just didn’t know for your own self if the dreams were fake or true.

    I hope this helps you a bit better than what you understood before. In the final analysis, you, though your own personal study and your communication with God in Heaven, must determine for your own self what you believe. May the God in Heaven continue to bless you.


  14. Daniel,

    I thought I had put a response on this page for your comment about – How does God give dreams, and how does Satan give dreams. If it was on there I don’t know if it was pulled because of content or length. So, I have put my response to your inquiry about How God or Satan gives dreams on another website. It is a personal website of mine that I just have this and that on, primarily to send family or friends information that was to long to put in an e-mail. Here’s the webpage for you to go to for my response.


  15. Daniel,

    Apparently the personal webpage address I put on in the previous posting didn’t take even though it is correct. I’ll try again with a change in the address. Hopefully it will take. I did put that address in a word document and it went right to the page. So, let me give you this address again without the period at the end. If this doesn’t work, then I’m going to try to repost the whole message on this forum site. Here’s the web address.


  16. brings up a 404 error page…. You are welcome to post again, i don’t remember deleting anything posted here, and would give an explanation if i did.
    Your comment about 8th grade graduation speech is interesting 🙂

    AMEN about Ellen White being a true prophet!!!
    Sure, there will always be things in the inspired writings that trouble us. How can it be possible that God in heaven would send a lying spirit out to deceive some king? How could Jesus say he was not going up to the feast, but he did anyway? I think it is important to remember that the whole Bible was not just written for us here in 2009 but for people of all times and places. So what i maybe cannot understand, God has opened the minds of some others who could understand it just for them just when they needed it. So yes, the huge weight of evidence is on the side of the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy being inspired.
    What does greatly concern me tho, is that translations of the Bible using corrupt manuscripts is being carried out, and books with Ellen White’s name on the cover have been “edited”. May we pray for the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth.

  17. Daniel,

    Apparently I didn’t realize that my post was above. It’s the same one that I put on The post number above is 3166. So it looks like you have already read what is on the link above.

    Your thought that the Bible has been written for all people down though the ages from it’s writing during and after the time of Christ will have things in it for different people in different periods of time. We can get principles, or parallels, or other things of commonality out of it that others have experienced, and by their experiences we can learn from them. Doesn’t it say in 1 Corinthians 10:11 “Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come.”? God wants us to learn from those who have gone before us so that we can know how to live our lives. The principles of God are the same. The application of those principles may be different with different people.

    The tragedy of some of the Bible translation, like you say, are corrupt; however, we do know that the Waldenses preserved the true Scriptures and the King James Version of the Bible is the one approved by God. We need to keep the ones we have and follow what we know to be truth.

    Keep what you have of Ellen Whites writings that you know are correct, and follow them. God is well able to preserve His word among the things that are going on. He will be winding things up in the future. His promises are sure.

    Take care and God bless you.


  18. Daniel,

    I think I did this again, or it may have been on one other forum I’ve posted on. The web address above has a period to the right of it, and the period doesn’t belong there. I was just making a period after the sentence, so the one on this post should be OK. The address is


  19. Gary,

    After reading Ernie’s letter I truly believe that his dreams are real. The devil is hard at work trying to destroy God’s work. It’s terrible what happened because so many would have fell for Satans lies. There was just too much truth in the dreams to be false and I’m going to post ernies letter for all to see

    “Ernie and Becky Knoll”
    Ministry update
    August 5, 2009 6:01:32 PM PDT

    Dear One,
    This is a blanket email to many. Please pray for the Holy Spirit first before reading.
    We hope this finds you well in the Lord. First of all, to those who we never had time
    to answer your emails, phone calls or letters, we apologize. We also apologize for
    those of you who ordered material from the 4 His People Ministry but for one reason
    or another you did not receive it. We are all human and mistakes happen.
    For those who are not aware of what has happened with the 4 His People Ministry,
    we would like to give a brief history.
    About two years ago, Ernie was reading comments posted on a forum, which were
    condemning his dreams. It bothered him greatly that people were making
    statements without knowing all the facts. Decisions as to the dreams were made by
    individuals whom others looked up to instead of each looking to God and searching
    the matter out on their own. However, Ernie sinned by not taking the matter to God.
    He was impressed to create a testimony of someone’s conversion due to the
    dreams. He logged into the forum and posted the testimony of “Candace.” Ernie
    noticed as he created the story that the words flowed easily. So he reasoned that it
    must have been inspired by God and that it was like a parable.
    We also need to be aware that Satan could even be inspiring individuals on a forum
    or they could even be evil angels. Please read the following from the Spirit of
    “I have been shown that evil angels in the form of believers will work in our ranks to bring in a strong spirit
    of unbelief. These powers of evil will assemble in our meetings, not to receive a blessing, but to counterwork
    the influences of the Spirit of God. In this time evil angels in the form of men will talk with those who know
    the truth. They will misinterpret and misconstrue the statements of the messengers of God.” {Selected
    Messages, Book 3, pp. 410-411}
    “There will be seducing spirits and doctrines of devils in the midst of the church, and these evil influences
    will increase; but hold fast the beginning of your confidence firm unto the end. Satan and his angels will
    appear on this earth as men, and will mingle with those of whom God’s Word says, ‘Some shall depart from
    the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.’ (1 Timothy 4:1).” {Manuscript Releases,
    Vol. 8, No. 345}
    “The enemy works untiringly to deceive human beings, and lead them away from God. He and his angels
    will in the future assume the shape of human beings, and work to make the truth of God of no effect.
    {Spalding and Magan Collection (1985), p. 307.}
    After posting the testimony, Ernie was sorry that he did it but did not know how to
    get out of it. He tearfully begged God to stop the dreams and that he did not want to
    have to share them anymore. He felt he was not worthy and that the dreams should
    be given to someone else. He felt it as a burden and that he could not share as he
    was asked to do. Yet as time went on Ernie justified that God was inspiring him to
    write the things he was as “Candace.” We can now see that it was a battle going on
    between good and evil. We have certainly all experienced that.
    After some time, Ernie was again reading a forum and saw the things that people
    were stating about him as well as the messages. Then many of the detractors
    published their beliefs about the dreams. This is when Ernie was “inspired” to create
    the Great Commission Council.
    We have learned of at least three reasons for Ernie being deceived and deceiving.
    First it was because of the opposition on the forums that caused him to get
    discouraged. We have since learned to ignore opposition and use the “white cloth”
    to “wipe off our shoes” as Ernie was instructed to do in his dreams. If he had done
    that in the beginning, the deception would never have occurred. Secondly, it was a
    lack of faith that God would take care of His ministry and last of all, because of a low
    We want to point out the last paragraph in the “Repent, As I Am Coming” dream of
    November 12, 2008 (the last dream that was posted on the web site).
    “God wants His people to know that now is the time to get ready. Now is the time to put away selfimportance
    and each must crawl to the throne of God, to repent and ask for forgiveness. Each must
    decide to follow God and to walk in that new way. Each must put away jealousy. Each must know
    that they will stand alone before God. He asks if each will stand as one of God’s or ask to be
    covered with rocks and be as dumb dogs. You have been shown the correct path to follow. If the
    Holy Spirit that God said He would send does not come over the cold heart then that heart will
    remain cold. If the naysayers and the discontented walk in a path to cause discontent and spread
    lies, they will each stand before God to answer for their deeds. This especially applies to those
    whom God has anointed who spread lies without verifying what they have been told. These are
    dumb dogs and God will turn His face from them. When He does this, Satan will take God’s place
    and will have them doing his work. So today you must decide if you will repent and turn from your
    ways or allow Satan to lead you hand in hand to eternal damnation.’ ”
    It was not just a call for repentance for others but for us as well, however for Ernie
    especially. He had not noticed that last paragraph before and how it applied to him.
    God was asking Ernie to repent as well. Becky would like to apologize for putting
    out the notice that the posted dreams are of Satan. It was her idea, not Ernie’s. We
    are so grateful that God has shown us our sins and that we have repented of them.
    We are learning the importance of letting go of self and relying only on God.
    We are reminded of Saul who was persecuting the Christians, but became Paul—
    one of the mightiest witnesses for God. We are thankful for the Bible examples of
    those who were used of God and then proceeded to fall into sin, recovered and
    were used by God again—Moses, Aaron, David, Solomon, etc. Think of Elijah who
    just witnessed God’s power on Mt. Carmel, then proceeded to run from Jezebel. No
    wonder our Lord keeps reminding us, “Will I find faith?” James 5:17 tells us that
    Elijah was subject to the same temptations as other men, yet God continued to use
    him. It’s interesting to note the following from the “Watch, as I Am Coming!” dream:
    “My angel smiles at me and says, ‘You which are they are together Hliva.’ ” Hliva is the original
    Hebrew word for Elijah. Elijah’s work was a type of the closing message.
    {Reference Malachi 4:4-6; Luke 1:17; Matthew 17:10-13; Prophets and Kings, p.
    Genesis 20 relates the experience of Abraham when he lied to Abimelech about
    Sarah. Notice that after that experience, God sent Abraham his biggest test of faith
    when asked to offer Isaac as a sacrifice. He is now known as a great man of faith.
    For the last few months, Ernie has been praying that God would free him from what
    he had created. In emails as “Candace” sent to the board as well as friends, he
    would encourage them to hold up Ernie and Becky in prayer as Satan was
    “attacking” them and they needed God’s help. It was a subtle cry for help. We now
    fully understand how Satan is subtle and deceives the very elect. We must
    remember that he deceived one-third of the angels in heaven.
    We see now that the dreams and the presentation we were sharing were working a
    change in our own lives as well as many others. Satan does not want us to repent
    and reform. Ernie fell into sin because of issues stemming back from childhood that
    were never resolved until now. Please remember that God is not finished with any
    of us. Focus on the messages, not the messenger. For we have all sinned and
    come short of God’s glory.
    We wanted to share a part of our presentation because of its importance in our day.
    It relates to a doctrine that is rarely being taught. It is on the subject from the
    dreams about standing on the wood. It states, “Some have asked why the Herald says that
    the wood is truth. First, the cross is made of wood and he is stressing the importance of the cross.
    More importantly, the Lord is showing us the importance of the humanity of Christ when He was on
    this earth. The wood reminds us of what the Sanctuary has taught us. The furniture of the
    tabernacle was made of wood and covered with gold. That wood represented Christ’s humanity.
    The gold represented His divinity which remained unchanged by His contact with sin. Therefore, the
    truth of His humanity is that His people can be overcomers in the same flesh He had (the fallen
    nature of Adam) and in the same way He did—in union with His divinity by His faith in ‘it is written.’

    The Spirit of Prophecy states, “The Son of God came to our world in human form to show man that
    divinity and humanity combined does not commit sin. He is our Pattern. Through Him we may be partakers
    of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust. ” {Ms 16, 1898, p. 6}
    From the Review and Herald, February 24, 1874: “The King of glory proposed to humble
    himself to fallen humanity! He would place his feet in Adam’s steps. He would take man’s fallen nature….”
    From Selected Messages, Book 3, p. 134: “Though He had no taint of sin upon His character,
    yet He condescended to connect our fallen human nature with His divinity. By thus taking humanity, He
    honored humanity. Having taken our fallen nature, he showed what it might become, by accepting the ample
    provision He has made for it, and by becoming partaker of the divine nature.”
    Let’s remember that Satan is saying that God’s law is too hard to keep. We may
    vindicate God’s character by showing that it can be kept—not on our own but by
    taking hold of divinity. Christ in you, the hope of glory. It will take effort and
    discipline. The messages of the dreams are for a people who long to be part of the
    144,000—the last remnant people who must give up all sin because they must live
    for a short time without a Mediator in the Most Holy Place. They will learn to hate
    sin and to fight it even in our churches. They would rather die than sin. They love
    God’s church and do not criticize it. However, they must call sin by its right name.
    Please know that as soon as God’s people do this, they will be met with opposition.
    We may take comfort in these words from Jeremiah 31:33-34. “But this shall be the
    covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, saith the LORD, I will put my law in
    their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people. And they
    shall teach no more every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the LORD: for they
    shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the LORD; for I will forgive their
    iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.”
    We understand now that God is sending the dreams, because we all so desperately
    need encouragement, instruction, rebuke, and love. Please know that the dreams
    and the ministry are answers to many of our prayers, even from years ago.
    Along with others, we had been praying that if these dreams are not from God that
    He would stop them and He has not stopped them. Please read the last two
    dreams at the end of this email.
    We are recommitting ourselves to these dreams, trusting that they are from Him.
    With the few parts that we don’t understand, we will lean on the weight of evidence.
    “As with the Bible, so with the Testimonies. Those who desire to doubt will have plenty of room. God does
    not propose to remove all occasion for unbelief. He gives evidence, which must be carefully investigated
    with a humble mind and a teachable spirit; and all should decide from the weight of evidence.” {Testimonies
    for the Church, Vol. 3, p. 255}
    “God gives sufficient evidence for the candid mind to believe; but he who turns from the weight of evidence
    because there are a few things which he cannot make plain to his finite understanding, will be left in the
    cold, chilling atmosphere of unbelief and questioning doubts, and will make shipwreck of faith.”
    {Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 4, pp. 232, 233}
    Someone brought to our attention that if these dreams were from Satan, why would
    he inspire Ernie to make up “Candace”? Satan does not fight against himself. It only
    makes sense that Satan is fighting these dreams because they are from God.
    Some have asked about the fact that “Candace” is mentioned in the dream “A Great
    Work” as follows: “It is the Herald. He comes up to me and I tell him that I have missed him and
    that it has been a while. He says that they (the angels) have been busy with much preparation to be
    done. I ask if he was the one that spoke to the lady named Candace (testimony on Divine
    Interventions of the 4hispeople web site). He answers no but that many angels are preparing many
    individuals for the King’s return and that he has been sent to show me something very important.”
    Ernie knows that he was asking that of the Herald in hopes that he could get help in
    ending the “Candace” deception. The answer the angel gave was correct. He was
    not the “Candace’s” Herald because there was no “Candace.” Also the Herald and
    other angels truly are working with many individuals today as in the past. We can be
    assured that they will work in a mightier way as this earth’s history finishes. We
    believe the Herald did not come right out and state that “Candace” was made up
    because he was waiting for Ernie to confess on his own. We understand now that
    God allows certain situations to teach us lessons and to bring us to true confession
    and repentance.
    Others have brought out the fact that in the “Much to Do” dream it was stating that
    there was no error in the dreams, correspondence or the web site. However, that
    was before the “Candace” testimony was posted on the site. We now know that God
    allowed it to be there for a reason. We have learned a valuable lesson from it. God
    knows the beginning from the end.
    We have received emails and phone calls stating that we were wrong in our
    decision that the posted dreams were from Satan. It has been pointed out that no
    error can be seen in these dreams because they all agree with the Bible and the
    Spirit of Prophecy and that we were “throwing the baby out with the bathwater.” We
    agree and invite you to join us in prayer as many begin to re-evaluate the dreams.
    After taking time to pray, study, and assess the dreams, we have come to the
    conclusion that they are still truly from God for His people. If you need a copy of the
    dreams, please send us an email with your request.
    We also need to clarify that the posted dreams were NOT made up. They are real.
    Becky observed Ernie in several dreams as well as when he was waking up from
    Even though most of our Board has forsaken us, we are not surprised. About two
    years ago, Ernie had a dream (which was shared with some of the board members)
    where he saw Becky and the Board walking away from the ministry. That is one
    reason why Ernie felt so alone. Becky has come back to believe in the dreams and
    we pray the same for the Board as well as others. We miss them.
    We know that rumors have and will continue to abound and opposition will always
    be. Many fail to see the divinity in the messages of the dreams because it is
    delivered through a fallible human instrument. However, we praise God for a
    remnant who still believes in the dreams. It is a big step of faith for us to continue
    this ministry. We will continue on the path He has laid out. Satan dealt a mighty
    blow. He won a battle but we don’t have to let him win the war. Truth will triumph!
    Some have mentioned to us the parallel of our “great disappointment” with what has
    happened to our ministry to that of the Great Disappointment of 1844. Many
    abandoned the new Advent movement and only a remnant was left. They went
    back to the Bible and prayer until the answers were found. God cannot use those
    who give up so easily. If we cannot handle trials and seeming defeat now, how can
    we go through greater trials ahead? From James 5:11, “Behold, we count them happy
    which endure.”
    Let us rejoice that He is in the process of purifying His people as gold tried in the
    fire. We must live each day as if it is our last. We must focus more on getting our
    hearts ready than on events. This is a testing, sifting and purifying time, a time in
    which the dross is separated from the gold. Are we content to be the dross or do we
    long to be the gold?
    “The purification of God’s people cannot be accomplished without suffering. God permits the fire of
    affliction to consume the dross, to separate the worthless from the valuable, in order that the pure metal may
    shine forth. He passes us from one fire to another, testing our true worth. True grace is willing to be tried. If
    we are loath to be searched by the Lord, our condition is one of peril. God is the refiner and purifier of souls.
    He places us in the heat of the furnace, that the dross may be forever separated from the true gold of
    Christian character. Jesus watches the test. He knows just what fire of temptation and trial is needed to
    purify the precious metal, in order that the radiance of divine love may be reflected.” {Review and Herald,
    April 10, 1894}
    As we begin again, it is in God’s strength, in His time and in His way. We must
    leave the results with Him. If He be for us, who can be against us? As we have
    turned away from our sins, we are already experiencing little miracles from God. We
    will be singing His praises forever!
    “Great had been David’s fall, but deep was his repentance, ardent was his love, and strong his faith. He had
    been forgiven much, and therefore he loved much (Luke 7:48).” {Conflict and Courage, p. 187}
    We are in the process of making a new ministry web site ourselves. It will be called
    ( However, we will not be a tax-exempt organization. Please
    note that the web site is no longer our official web site.
    Also we were commissioned by God in the dream “The Work Now Begins” to
    distribute free of charge the book Creeping Compromise. As soon as possible, we
    will continue to offer this book on our new web site. Please check back for updates.
    The Lord has a thousand ways to rebuild this ministry. With God all things are
    possible. As someone stated, we must turn our stumbling blocks into stepping
    stones. The Lord has a way of bringing good from bad. We praise Him for His
    continued patience, forgiveness, guidance and love. He knows that we are so
    defective after 6,000 years of sin.
    We have heard God’s call. We are back, regrouped, ready for war and stronger
    than ever—in the Lord’s strength. We pray that each one of you will join us in the
    battles. The enemy is trying to divide and conquer us. We must unite and face the
    enemy with God at our side. We must unite on truth, not error. So many have
    stated that when they doubt the dreams it brings sadness but when the dreams are
    believed, it brings them true joy and peace. We have experienced the same.
    We pray that each one of you will receive the blessings that God is waiting to pour
    out upon us. What a privilege we have to strive to be that last generation.
    We have learned the following lessons through our ministry and experiences:
    􀀁 Trust only in God and His Word, not man.
    􀀁 Be patient and let all be in God’s time and in His way.
    􀀁 Have faith that God will take care of us if we are doing His will.
    􀀁 Forgive others as God has forgiven us.
    􀀁 Study to show ourselves approved.
    􀀁 Don’t go by hearsay; go straight to the source.
    􀀁 Ignore the bad and focus on the good.
    􀀁 Don’t give up so easily; let trials perfect us. God will be with us in all our tests
    and trials.
    We each need to understand and share the messages of these dreams. Jesus IS
    coming, we ALL need to repent, we ALL need to reform and know that EACH must
    stand before God – ALONE. Then, and only then, can the latter rain fall. Come
    quickly, Lord Jesus.
    We love you all. For a finished work…Ernie & Becky
    P.S. If any of you were translators for us, we would love to hear from you. Or if you
    know of someone who was and they did not receive this email, please pass it on to
    them. We do not have a complete list of the translators, since that was handed over
    to our web administrator.

  20. Thank you for the update Chuck. I split your lengthy post, putting the latter part here. I hope that is ok. (webmaster)
    Please read this beautiful message from the book, Our High Calling, p. 353.
    Victory is Assured
    To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set
    down with my Father in his throne. Rev. 3:21. {OHC 353.1}
    The true Witness presents encouragements to all who are seeking to walk in the path of humble
    obedience, through faith in His name. He declares, “To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my
    throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.” These are the words of our
    Substitute and Surety. He who is the divine Head of the church, the mightiest of conquerors, would point His
    followers to His life, His toils, His self-denials, His struggles and sufferings, through contempt, through
    rejection, ridicule, scorn, insult, mockery, falsehood, up the path of Calvary to the scene of the crucifixion,
    that they might be encouraged to press on toward the mark for the prize and reward of the overcomer.
    Victory is assured through faith and obedience. {OHC 353.2}
    Let us make an application of the words of Christ to our own individual cases. Are we poor, and blind,
    and wretched, and miserable? Then let us seek the gold and white raiment that He offers. The work of
    overcoming is not restricted to the age of the martyrs. The conflict is for us in these days of subtle temptation
    to worldliness, to self-security, to indulgence of pride, covetousness, false doctrines, and immorality of life.
    {OHC 353.3}
    We can overcome. Yes; fully, entirely. Jesus died to make a way of escape for us, that we might
    overcome every fault, resist every temptation, and sit down at last with Him in His throne. {OHC 353.4}
    We have no discouraging message for the church. Although reproofs and cautions and corrections have
    been made, yet the church has stood as God’s instrumentality to diffuse light. The commandment-keeping
    people of God have sounded forth a warning to the world. . . . The church of God is a living witness, a
    continual testimony, to convince men if accepted, to condemn them if resisted and rejected. {OHC 353.5}
    July 19, 2009
    By Ernie Knoll
    [This encouraging dream was given to me two days after the Board was shutting down the 4 His People
    Ministry. I had been praying asking for repentance and for direction as to my life.]
    In my dream, I am standing in front of a large stage. I hear several chimes being chimed. I then see five
    identical people with very dim light around them. They begin singing and the light becomes brighter and
    brighter. I see they are not men or women and they all sing with a beautiful voice. I then hear the
    following words: The chimes ring out another day; another day has come. Someone slipped and fell,
    was that someone you? Do not be discouraged, for I have news for you.
    Then the light becomes even brighter and I see many more singing and the whole stage is filled with more
    of the singers. They continue singing: It is no secret what God can do. What He’s done for others, He
    will do for you.
    Then I see all these singers are angels. I watch as these angels become a countless number and their
    wings come out and spread wide open. Everything is now very bright and they all open their arms. They
    continue singing: With arms wide open He welcomes you. For it is no secret what God can do.
    I now see the Herald comes from the right side and stands in front of me. I see him smile like I have
    before and calling me by my heavenly name he says, “You were told to stand on the wood as the wood is
    the truth. Jesus is the wood. He is the only way and will light your path, but you need to use that lighted
    path. You must walk on it. All can be easily deceived. All will be, but each must stay on the path that
    Jesus has given you. Know that He loves and forgives you. Do not worry about what others say and
    demand as Jesus knows your heart. The Herald places both of his hands on my shoulders and says
    again, “Jesus is the wood. He is the Truth and He is the Light. Stay on that path.” Following are the actual
    lyrics to the song.
    What God Can Do
    The chimes of time ring out the news,
    Another day is through.
    Someone slipped and fell.
    Was that someone you?
    You may have longed for added strength,
    Your courage to renew.
    Do not be disheartened,
    For I have news for you.
    It is no secret what God can do.
    What He’s done for others, He’ll do for you.
    With arms wide open, He’ll pardon you.
    It is no secret what God can do.
    There is no night for in His light
    You never walk alone.
    Always feel at home,
    Wherever you may go.
    There is no power can conquer you
    While God is on your side.
    Take Him at His promise,
    Don’t run away and hide.
    It is no secret what God can do.
    What He’s done for others, He’ll do for you.
    With arms wide open, He’ll pardon you.
    It is no secret what God can do.
    July 31, 2009
    By Ernie Knoll
    [Just before 1:00 AM this morning someone we know was awakened and was impressed to pray for
    us. At 1:25 AM Becky heard me make a sound and knew that I was having a dream. She woke me
    and asked about the dream and in my sleepiness I shared a little bit of it and we fell asleep. After we
    woke up later that morning Becky decided not to tell me about the dream to see if I would remember.
    After a while I asked, “Do you remember waking me from a dream and my telling you about it?” This
    was an answer to many prayers as to whether the dreams were from God.]
    In my dream, I am struggling to climb a path going up the side of a mountain. The path is littered with
    rocks of different shapes and sizes. Some are round, some are flat and some are very sharp on the
    edges. We are walking carefully since the rocks are loose and many are laid on top of each other.
    Each step must be very carefully taken. The path we are on is lit from the sunshine but yet to the left
    and right of the path it is dark. Becky is behind me and behind her are a lot of other people. We are all
    carrying a large white box. Each person’s box weighed what they could carry. On each of the six sides
    of the box is different writing as follows: “Repent and sin no more,” “Hold to your faith,” “Stay on the
    path,” “Share the messages,” “Obey,” and on the top it said, “Stand on the truth.” As we are all
    struggling to climb up the path we are all singing the song “I Have a Friend So Precious.” Below are
    the lyrics to the hymn.
    I Have a Friend So Precious
    I have a Friend so precious, I tell Him all my sorrows,
    So very dear to me, I tell Him all my joys,
    He loves me with a tender love, I tell Him all that pleases me,
    He loves me faithfully; I tell Him what annoys;
    I could not live apart from Him, He tells me what I ought to do,
    I love to feel Him nigh; He tells me what to try;
    And so we dwell together, And so we talk together,
    My Lord and I. My Lord and I.
    Sometimes I’m faint and weary, He knows how I am longing
    He knows that I am weak; Some weary soul to win,
    And as He bids me lean on Him, And so He bids me go and speak
    His help I’ll gladly seek; A loving word for Him;
    He leads me in the path of light, He bids me tell His wondrous love,
    Beneath a sunny sky; And why He came to die;
    And so we walk together, And so we work together,
    My Lord and I. My Lord and I.
    He knows how much I love Him,
    He knows I love Him well;
    But with what love He loveth me,
    My tongue can never tell;
    It is an everlasting love
    In ever rich supply;
    And so we love each other,
    My Lord and I.

  21. My family and I attended a meeting where Ernie spoke, and Candace was mentioned as if she was some sort of liaison for heaven. It seemed a lot of decisions were made by her and many instructions were given through her. I found this odd and unscriptual.

    Then the undergarment topic surfaced. The angel told Candace that God loves the form of the woman, and that He wanted it to be shown. Bras were chains and they needed to be removed. Tight see through tops were to be worn, and the angel told Candace that the tighter the top the more faith you have. The women were instructed to wear this around non-Adventist, because a stranger would have no reason to stop you and open conversation; church members would more than likely stare. This was presented to us all as the word of God by the angel through Candace.

    Lies, lies, and more lies. I believe that Satan was making his move to destroy souls. The Lord prevented honest, sincere, truth believing, praying people from being further deceived. Ernie lied and it was evident that Candace (the lying spirit) had taken over him. The new van they traveled in was secured by testimony from Candace via email to the Toyota dealership. He had become accustomed to securing favor, items and whatever else he could get through this artful deception. The sky was the limit. He also asked us to send out contributions directly to him; not the ministry.

    Then, Ernie was exposed–the second time when his board traced the Candace-sent emails back to him. Linda Kirk’s loving testimony was the first sound of the trumpet that signaled error and was vital, but was discredited by another hoax–the Great Commission Council. We are instructed by the word of God to test the spirits (1John 4:1), not dodge them. Truth can stand up to any investigation, but Ernie failed the exam because he was not telling the truth. His life was unsanctified and yet he was honored of God and shown the wonders of heaven? God showed His servant about this type of setup.

    Ellen Whites states, “If there were no other evidence of the real character of spiritualism, it should be enough for the Christian that the spirits make no difference between righteousness and sin, between the noblest and purest of the apostles of Christ and the most corrupt of the servants of Satan. By representing the basest of men as in heaven, and highly exalted there, Satan says to the world: “No matter how wicked you are; no matter whether you believe or disbelieve God and the Bible. Live as you please; heaven is your home.” GC 556.

    Hence, I believe the dreams were fabricated. Ernie made a statement at the meeting that added to this suspicion, he said “People are always trying to find fault with the dreams. . .like the scene with the saints all lined up heading towards the guilotine singing all to Jesus I surrender, that’s Rev 20:4!” It’s as if he selected a scripture from the Word and then wrote a scence concerning what is said in the verse.

    The Lord allowed all these events to occur, and will use them for our good. God forgives and so does His sanctified followers. We forgive because of His mercy and love towards us. We forgive Ernie and love him with the love that the Holy Spirit has shed abroad in our hearts by faith.

  22. Right on David! By their fruits you will know them. It doesn’t matter how great the dream is, or how ‘on target’ it seems if the bearer’s ‘life has the fruits of deception there is no light in them. Why would God use such a vessel for His messages to our last day church? Why would he give messages to someone who’s current activity will only discredit the message and bring reproach. The teachers of Jesus day were always trying to find fault but they couldn’t… he was perfect. If it is of God, nothing can stop it, but if it is of man, it will perish. This whole thing is exactly what Satan would do… make something seem genuine and use the fallout to ruin lives and discredit the TRUE.

  23. I would just like to give a response to what “Glitterman “, had said about the blackbirds in one of Ernies dreams. That ” blackbirds “, could only represent the evil or source of evil. Remember The prophet Elijah in the book of Kings in the Bible ? When God told him to flee the death decree from Jezabell to go into the wilderness, to drink from the brook,…and God would command the RAVENS to feed him there !! A raven is a BLACK and even unclean bird !!! SO BE CAREFUL spend more time with the Bible, and not fantasy books like The Lord Of The Rings, to base your judgements upon.

  24. Nice self promotion NJK Project! Why don’t you boil it down to a few paragraphs and post it here?! After looking at your blog I find the writing stile difficult to follow. Please, abridge, and get to the point!

  25. Hello, I have just read all the preceding comments you have on this page and I would like to say that I had read the early dreams with a prayerful heart and became convinced that they were from God. When Ernie sinned with the Candace story and rumors were going around that the dreams were bad and not from God I did wonder if I had been deceived. However I continued to read the dreams that followed and learned that God had forgiven Ernie for his fall when he confessed and asked for forgiveness and I thought if God forgives him and continues to give him messages for the rest of us to benefit from in these last days before He comes who am I to not forgive him also. I have found instruction, encouragement and a spiritual blessing in reading these messages from God. I would encourage all who think of themselves as God’s people to read all these dreams. You will not regret it. You will be blessed as I was and continue to be. Thank you for giving me a chance to share some of my experience.

  26. Does the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy teach that there will be any true prophets after Ellen White or do they teach that she was the last one?

  27. I have read a lot, and have never seen where Ellen White says she is the last prophet.

    The Bible is quite clear in many places that God’s people will be having dreams and visions from him in the end time.

    Let’s be among the faithful, and allow God to use us in the last, mighty, closing work.

  28. I have known Ernie & Becky Knoll since 2007. The thing that I find interesting is that many SDA’s think that in order to be a messenger you must be without sin. Where is this in the Bible or in Sister White’s writings? Ernie repented of his sin and has continued to serve ass God’s messenger to this day.

    Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount said the following;
    Mat 7:1  Judge not, that ye be not judged.
    Mat 7:2  For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
    Mat 7:3  And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
    Mat 7:4  Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?
    Mat 7:5  Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.
    Mat 7:6  Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.
    Yet Judging Ernie Knoll has become a cottage industry. If Ernie is a false messenger then prove that the messages are not in harmony with the Bible and Sister White, something that to date no one has done.

  29. Hello John,
    God commands us to test the prophets. We compare what they say to the Holy Scriptures. If they don’t agree, we either rightly reject them, or we believe their error.

    I’ve given a few big reasons for concern about Ernie’s dreams in this article. What do you think about those concerns?

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