Chinese government installs cctv cameras in churches

In the city of Wenzhou, in China, the Communist govt. is forcing Christian churches there to install surveillance cameras. The move is ostensibly an effort to combat “terrorism”, but as the church leaders point out, there have never been any terrorist incidents in their churches. Obviously, this is a new method for the Communist govt. to put the screws to Christians there.

China Aid said churches were told to install cameras at gates, rostrums, offering boxes and ­other places, despite strong ­opposition from churchgoers who claimed the surveillance ­infringed their privacy.

Wenzhou’s surveillance ­camera drive comes amid tighter ­controls on religious activities across the country.

Last week, the far western ­region of Xinjiang – home to more than 10 million mostly Muslim Uygurs – passed new rules ­targeting what it called religious extremism. The rules, which took effect on Saturday, prohibit such “manifestations of ­extremism” as wearing veils or “abnormal” beards, refusing to watch state television or listen to state radio, or preventing children from receiving “national education”, according to the ­official news website

Now they are FORCING people to watch state television!

Chinese Christians – we are praying for you to stay strong in Jesus.
Christians in free countries – Be careful what you put before your eyes!
Persecution has already started somewhat, but will get worse and worse as the dragon speaks louder and louder, trying to force all to break God’s commands – especially the 7th day Sabbath (from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday).

2 thoughts on “Chinese government installs cctv cameras in churches”

  1. Daniel, off topic, sorry, you can delete this post if you want, just had to make sure you knew about this video, out yesterday:

    Turkey Is Now An Islamic Caliphate In All But Name

    Very interesting in the light of the last few verses of Daniel 11 and 12:1. John C. Witcombe, among others, wrote about these developments years a go in his book, Jerusalem Caliphate and the Third Jihad.

  2. That’s very interesting John. Nice to hear from you again!! I still remember the great encouragement you gave me when I needed it several years ago. 🙂

    Somehow, I really don’t believe Islam is a major player at the end time. I can’t find any words from God in the Bible or SOP that points to them. I don’t know how it will happen, but guess that when Satan’s angels go out with their lying wonders, the Muslims will fall right in line with the one-world religion that will be run by the pope (until Satan takes over himself).

    We need to work to bring these Muslim people to Jesus Christ – the Son of God. 🙂

    God bless you!!

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