1858 great controversy translation progress

Nearly all the work going on to translate and spread this book is going on in South East Asia and in India.  A email today from Singapore stunned me by saying a lady there has translated this book into Chinese!  I have never even met the person!!!  Now i have to send that to the Chinese translator and verify that it is in fact OK.  From what i can make out, it mostly looks good, but there is a mistake in the book title and chapter 32 title.  Please pray that the Chinese language 1858 Great Controversy Between Christ and His Angels, and Satan and His Angels can be completed soon, so it can be spread widely among the Chinese reading population.

Languages currently being translated:
1. Tibetan
2. Myanmar
3. Chinese
4. Thai
5. Romanian
6. Bhutanese
7. Mizo
8. French

The languages above are listed in order of percentage completion.
1. The TIbetan book has been translated and proofread, and even printed!  However, the printing had a big error, and the printer agreed to reprint without additional cost.  So the funds have been sent, and just now waiting on the printer to reprint them correctly.

2. The Myanmar edition has been completely translated and is currently undergoing proofreading.  It has taken a big longer than expected, but is scheduled to be ready to print this summer.

3. The Chinese edition – wow!  One lady in Malaysia worked on it some, then her hard drive crashed and she lost it all, so i was just hoping that maybe it could be completed before the end of this year.  But then today’s email from Singapore gives me hope that we can use this translation, and just proofread it, and maybe even get to the printer before year-end!  Exciting 🙂

4. The Thai translation is going more slowly than hoped for, but the translator has put renewed effort into it recently, so i still hope it can get to the printer sometime this early fall.  Last week i sat with the translator a bit, and it was fun to go thru the material together.  Sure brought back memories of when i translated it myself into Japanese 🙂

5. A Romanian in Thailand is translating this book very carefully.  He and the Thai translator are a husband-wife team.  His questions about the nuances and which pronoun is referring to what really causes me to think deeply about each word – nice!

6 & 7.  Both language translations have been paid for, and are still in process in northern India.

8. The French book is being translated by a missionary from Africa who is living in Bangkok.  Does anyone know any French proofreaders?

Please remember the various translation workers in your prayers, especially for the Thai-Romanian translator team.  Living in Thailand now, and seeing the obstacles Satan has put up in keeping this book from the Thai people, has made me all the more determined to see that it does get done and spread here.

5 thoughts on “1858 great controversy translation progress”

  1. hey! I love to hear that you are re doing the translation in chinese. I am an american living in mexico working as a colportor. There are many chinese living here and I will be able to offer this translation to them. awesome! please send me info to get some copies. schlbusdriver yahoo.com. call me anytime.

  2. heavenboundearthlings

    Please send more updated info. I want copies to translate in an African language Spanish and others please

  3. OK, here is an update as of July 24, 2017. The Tibetan ,Bhutanese, Mizo, and French versions never got done.
    The Myanmar, Thai, and Romanian version did get done.
    The Chinese version didn’t get done by anyone I’m connected with, but was translated by someone in China who I contacted for use on my website.
    The 4 above-mentioned versions, along with others, are available for free at http://www.earlysda.com
    The Spanish edition is available, but needs to be redone.
    The book needs to be in many African languages, but everyone I’ve sent money to in Africa to do that work, has not done it.
    The big languages in the world that it still needs to be translated into are:
    1. French
    2. Portuguese
    3. Arabic
    Someone needs to carefully proofread the Russian version also.
    Any help that can be given to spread God’s eternal words, would be greatly appreciated.

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